2015 Norton 9 Entries Open


Norton 9 Entries are now available.

Online Entries: HERE

Postal download here: 2015 Norton 9 Entry Form

Frequently asked questions:

  • we always allow entries on the day however do charge an additional £2, please enter before the day; it helps both us and you
  • pre-entry prices are £8 for UKA and £10 for unaffiliated
  • DN6 9DG to get to the car parking/race HQ
  • race starts at 1100
  • unfortunately we can’t transfer unused entries to next years event and/or other races. However, tell us in time and we can transfer to a club mate/friend.
  • its always sunny on the day (honest)

Hope to see you there.

Tough Guy 2015

We’re a diverse bunch us ADRCers. We have our ‘elite’ road runners, we have our cross country stalwarts, we even have Collo and his love of Shabby Chic. We also have our nutters. The Danj’s who like the isolation of sitting in the mountains drinking condensation with nipple clamps on…….we have the makings of a Tri team scattered in and amongst. We have our obstacle runners…….This is why I write today.

Sunday 32nd January is Tough Guy 2015 , so tough it has it’s own date. Duncan and I will be travelling to Wolverhampton to take on the ultimate in obstacle running. The toughest, coldest challenge there is. I’m now a veteran of Tough Mudder, Total Warrior, Spartan, Yorkshire Warrior, Pain Barrier. Duncan is a veteran of many things, he is an Ironman, 140.6 mile in one go across 3 disciplines. Whilst I would never compare Tough Guy to Ironman, I will say it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done and I include Marathon running in that.
The drop out rate is huge, people can’t finish the course for various reasons, injury and hypothermia being two.  The course is a  gruelling 9 miler of knee deep mud, steep, hands on the floor, inclines.  It is also a course that has water round every corner, some knee deep, some that submerges you completely, icy, glassy, so cold it burns, water.  It’s the cold that does most damage, to the mind and the body, I have run alongside people crying, I have watched people drop out.  I have watched people finish and it’s for this reason any of us do what we do.  Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

This Sunday promises to rank among one of the tougher events because of the harsh winter weather we’ve seen……

Spare a thought for us while you’re out hitting the road or in hitting the Sunday roast, whatever we do, we’re linked by running, there are times we hate it, times we love it, but rarely do we finish a run and not feel a sense of pride that whilst it would be easier to sit and do nothing, running cleanses the body and strengthens the mind, allegedly……….



Northern Cross Country Champs

Pontefract racecourse played host to the debut of one of Askern DRC’s finest moments, the erection of our flag……I’ll be honest, tears were shed, watching Duncan raise the flag, with tenderness and care, as though it was his third child, one that Julie reluctantly agreed to take in.

We will ignore that when asking the Askern athletes arriving if they saw the flag, the response of ‘no we just saw Steve’ failed to take the shine off the fact we had a flag and two chairs. This was an event !

The Senior ladies saw ‘I’m so’ Kelly Raven return after a lay off to join ‘Ber Torrington and ‘Benny’ Peacock (woolly hat). The course was heavy going and books seemed reluctant to take money on any of our athletes.

The senior men had a great turn out, Collo, Winter, Goodair, ‘Mark’s’ Joe, Pearce x 2, ‘Joe’s’ Mark, ‘Hernia’ Guttridge, Debutant ‘Clean shoes’ Rammo and Leyland, a donkey at a racetrack.

Link to results below, see you at the Nationals.



2015 SY Road Leagues

South Yorkshire County AA is once again promoting its Road race League at the dates and venues listed below.
  • 08/04/15 Merry Lads, Lodge Moor
  • 22/04/15 Wombwell ALC School
  • 29/04/15 Low Bradfield
  • 13/05/15 Wagon & Horses, Oxspring
The start time for each race is 7.00 pm.

VLM 2015 – Trip’s On!

Its that time of year to sort the London Marathon trip out, standard trip, go down Saturday morning return Monday , two nights accommodation .

The train tickets will be out in the next 2 weeks , either contact me or put your name on the list down at the running club. Put the word out and let’s have another great weekend

Cheers Graham.

Yorkshire Cross Country Champs 2015

Lightwater Valley played host again, a windy day saw lorries overturned on the A1, an early warning I may have to lose some pace to avoid being blown over.

Amber and Christine formed the ladies team (4 to count). Christine went for a ‘hoody wrap to warm her behind’ look, while amber opted for the ‘why am I doing this’ look……..ladies doing 1 short and 2 big laps. The going wasn’t too bad underfoot, although a bit of headwind on parts of the course.

The men’s team were sweating that I would have to count to make up the team, but thankfully ‘Terminator’ Marlow made the start with 5 mins to spare, citing lack of flag for poor timekeeping. It was pointed out that it’s all very well having a flag with nobody to look after it…….the case continues.

Collo, Winter, Goodair, Marlow, Pearce (D), Guttridge made up the team of 6, with me making up the B team (in weight alone). I really do get value for money and 1 short and 4 big laps meant I could see everyone lap me before continuing on a solo last lap with the tail enders. The Brownlee’s were a no show.

Another character building cross country, we don’t know why we do it, but we love it when we have…..

Results attached. Next up is the Northerns at Ponte Racecourse on 24th Jan. If I was a horse, I’d be shot, so could be interesting.

Yorkhsire XC Excel Entry Form 2015.xls Askern DRC Yorkshire XC Championships results 2015

01/01/2015 Time Trial Report‏

D Marlow  11.03 22.01(10.58) 32.35(10.34)

 A small turn out for the start of 2015, but a quality field. A muddy fell race yesterday to see off 2014 (Auld Land Syne) and a wet and windy run to see in 2015, so a gentle one and no PBs today. Hopefully, a January TT re-run next Thursday as a warm up for the Yorkshire XC champs at Lightwater Valley on 10th January.

Boxing Day Run / Handicap Update

Paul Collingwood brought home the pigs in blankets on the boxing day run, with a brilliant, festive turn out.

1st P Collinson 18:17
2nd J Wilkinson 18:52
3rd J Restell 19:02

1st Lady Karen Ball 19:56

67 runners in total.

The handicap was a significantly smaller turn out, with Dave Collo sorting the times, a thankless task, made more difficult by the ‘injured/sick/lame/excuse ridden’ members of ADRC, by we’re a dishonest bunch for one day a year.

Phil Tordoff stormed home in 1st cheered by the mightily (if not easily) impressed Bella (daughter). Phil was the only runner wanting to run a different course due to the icy conditions underfoot, seems they helped him greatly.

As someone bringing up the rear (as usual) it was nice to turn onto Campsall Balk and see the majority of runners finishing, seems the times may have been estimated fairly reasonably ;) !
I won’t mention Tordoff, Vout, Guttridge and Torrington starting in front of me (having been miles ahead all year), or me running exactly what I thought i’d run and regualarly run at Time Trial……….or that Aydon, O’Grady, Collo, Keith Bertie and Hinchcliffe all passed me so it didn’t matter anyway………Although I blew Brian Watts out of the water (even though I started ahead of him and he’s 110yrs old or something).

Christine Peacock was first out of the hat for the coveted London Marathon club place. A sharp end to her festive cheer of eating, drinking and being merry…….well done Christine and Good Luck !

‘Christmas do’ tickets on sale!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, active, new year to you all…….


Eve of Eve Drinks

Morning all,
ADRC are off for a drink to the Royal on Tuesday 23/12/14 after training night.
Could someone please pop it on the website (editor: done) and or circulate to anyone you can think of.
Ex-captain Collo

Xmas Opening Hours

As enthusiastic as you all are we’ve reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the club night for Christmas Day (25th for those unsure) and New Years Day (1st). We thought we’d try to preserve your running dignity instead of trying to run on a Christmas Lunch and/or a raging hangover…

All other club nights as per usual.