2015 Askern 10km Provisional Results

Update 1: There was a (pretty) glitch with the on-line published results. Its was rectified 30mins after the first results were posted. Apologies.

Update 2: A brilliant effort by Martin James of Doncaster AC, free race photos for all! Thanks Martin… Race Photos

Incredible amount of runners tonight, nearly 800 finishers with 300 entering on the night. Whilst we hugely appreciate the fabulous attendance of this race it will help you and us in the future to pre-enter – its also cheaper for you!

As a result of the high volume, unfortunately the race had to be pushed back 15 minutes which we hope wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. The peak of runners entering at 1830 was too much to guarantee being processed before 1900. As it turns out we were just about done with a minute to go but to be fair to all we had to make the call earlier…

Anyway, you’re probably only here for the results so here they are: 2015 Askern 10km Results v5

Well done to all the winners of categories and teams, but also well done to all for putting yourself on the line tonight instead of watching Corro/Emmerdale/Eastenders…

Thank you to all, marshals, organisers, hosts and runners. This was the 30th running of this event, let’s hope for 30 more…


Goodbye Goodair -16th May 1800hrs

16/5/15, 6pm at the Old Moor Tavern, Broomhill.

ADRC are cordially invited to go share a beer with a Andy. Following recent election results and a fondness for Jimmy Kranky, he is heading north to Scotland a little sooner than was originally planned.
In hardcore Goodair style (and getting into the Scottish ways) it will be drinks only…………..feel free to sneak some peanuts between drinks, but don’t let him see you !!!!

Askern 10km Marshalls

All, as always we need marshals to put our races on. The 10km is the most difficult of these so please be aware we can’t be short on the night at the expense of running.

Fez is organising and he needs to know availability ahead of the night so he can do his plan. There’s a list at the club but if you’re able to marshall but unlikely to get to the club by all means let me know somehow and I can relay to him.

On the night setup will start from 1700h, race 1900h.

Thanks, Phil.

Manchester Marathon by Tubs Leyland

Manchester Marathon – not so much a secret, more a ‘prevention of people worrying about the fat lad until the very last minute’. Having failed in the club ballot for London, my intention was to concentrate on running miles early in the year and see where I was by Spring. I generally average 100 mile months, although do dip as low as 60/70 where I increase bike and swim. I thought if I could tick over the miles, throw in a long run and see how I felt as the date approached, I could always drop out and nobody would ever know. Having said that, I may be many things, but I’m not really a drop out, it’s not in my nature.

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2015/16 Membership Fees Due. Not.

As a thank you to existing members and a reflection of the stable finances of the club it was decided at the AGM that for fully paid up members of 2014/15 that no membership fees would be due for 2015/16. All existing benefits of membership remain; the club is simply picking up the cost this year.

For new members in 2015/16 it is £30pa to join which includes the club vest, then £20pa ongoing.

If you do wish to resign from the club for any reason please advise Dave Collingwood as there is still a cost borne by the club per member and there are UKA procedures we must follow if you are transferring to another club.

Our club continues to be successful from the 3 races we host each year, all of which are nudging 30 years plus in existence. These races can only exist through the support of our members and committee.

2015 Askern 10km

Entries are closed, but we will be taking entries on the night (2015 Askern 10k Entry Form). Please pre-enter early to save money, be eligible for prizes and reduce stress for you (and us!) on the night.

Key info and FAQs:

  • Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 7.00pm 
  • Race HQ including parking and post-race presentation,  Askern Miner’s Welfare, Manor Rd. Askern, Doncaster DN6 0AJ (just off the A19)
  • we always allow entries on the day however do charge an additional £2, please enter before the day; it helps both us and you
  • pre-entry prices are £8 for UKA and £10 for unaffiliated
  • unfortunately we can’t transfer unused entries to next years event and/or other races. However, tell us in time and we can transfer to a club mate/friend.
  • water station at 5km and finish
  • we give t-shirts, not medals
  • unfortunately no showers
  • we don’t do chip timing, don’t worry though – there were races accurately timed prior to 2010!
  • its always sunny on the night (honest, unless its raining)

2015 Bridlington Easter 5 mile (+ fun run)

All, some of you may or may not know but there’s a club bus to Bridlington on Good Friday (3rd April). If you enter the race yourselves (details here: http://www.nice-work.org.uk/events.php?id=52) and if you wish to be on the bus let Mark Hinchcliffe or myself know. Timings will be worked out later when we know the pick-ups. The race is 1000 so it’ll be an early start.

Please spread the word for those not on t’interweb.

No doubt usual chips and beer after for a few hours..

Did I mention chips and beer?


The Nationals.

The day started early, meeting at Doncaster train station for the trip south.

After much deliberation on the train we decided to ‘wing it’ and get tube tickets at Kings Cross as we reckoned it would be cheaper than buying the ‘zone’ ticket on the train. It paid off, more for some than others with the introduction of ‘contactless’ payment cards being used as ‘oyster cards’ at half the price of standard ticket rate !!!!!! Result …….

A short walk from Belsize Park Tube station (Northern Line for Fez Fans) took us to Hampstead Heath and the famous Parliament Hill cross country course. This is where the day turned bad……..it was a ‘ploughed field’ of a venue. It was also notable that the young girls and boys who had finished were covered head to toe in mud.

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