Askern 10km Entries Open

Note: We are not taking entries on the day, ONLY pre-entries for 2016. Entries will close 11th May or sooner if the 700 race limit is reached.

UPDATE 27th April: We are FULL. Sorry you have missed your place in Askern 10km 2016. Again we will not be accepting entries on the day.

We had over 300 on the night in 2015 and as as a result had to delay the race which is unsatisfactory for everyone. We hope you understand. The benefit is pre-entries are cheaper!

Middelkerke – Trips on!

There was a little confusion and uncertainty around Middelkerke as the dates of their races moved after initially confirming them with us. The decision has been taken that the regular trip on the regular weekend (week after our 10 mile) is on, despite there being no race that weekend. We will sort something be it, club v club, handicap or simply no running!

Bus is booked, hotel is booked. See Dave Collo for places.

Dates are Saturday 20th August to Tuesday 23rd.

Trips on!

Norton 9 Marshals

First Sunday of March is looming; as always marshals are required and all help is appreciated. Its these events that allow our club to operate at almost zero cost (certainly this year) to its members.

Its the usual 0900 meet at the school. I don’t know who is coordinating marshals but will post when I do.

Thanks in advance.


Middelkerke – Update

Despite being previously told by the organisers the Middelkerke races are 21st August this year (their rule is 3rd Sunday in August, our 10 miler is 2nd Sunday in August) we have now had confirmation they have had to move their race to the 14th due to a clash with another festival.

This unfortunately clashes with our Askern 10mile and means its highly likely we won’t be doing the usual Middelkerke trip.

Suggestions are invited for an alternative and whilst there aren’t explicit set criteria my understanding of broad requirements are:

  • suitable races to give most people the opporuntity to run (Middelkerke had 5km through 20km over the years, recently a 5km, 8km and 16km)
  • within two hours of the Chunnel if coaching to the continent
  • hotel large enough to house us all (20ish rooms?)
  • restaurants again large enough to house big groups
  • school holidays

Fez had a great suggestion, we could go on our regular dates regardless and organise a handicap / time trial ourselves! I like how he thinks…



London 2016

Message from Uncle Fez:

Hiya, its that time to arrange the London Marathon trip (sunday 24th April). Typical trip, go down Saturday return Monday evening, staying at the Columbia hotel, Lancaster Gate OR arrange the trip to suite your requirements. The train tickets will be available quite soon , so numbers are required as soon as possible . If interested please put your name on the list in the changing room or contact myself or Phil.