2017 Askern 10mile Results

Are here: 2017 Askern 10mile Results

Big congratulations to all the category winners but particularly first male, Iraitz Arrospide and first lady, Faye Banks, who both won their gender by 4 clear minutes in incredible times.

Thanks as always to St Johns, Askern Miners Welfare, supporters, runners and the officials and marshals who without these races couldn’t go ahead.

We hope you all enjoyed the race.


2017 Askern 10km Results

Are here: 2017 Askern 10km Results

As usual, but no less diminished because it is year after year, a huge thanks to local running clubs, supporters, marshals, race organisers, the Welfare and the wider Askern area who make this race a success. The weather wasn’t so kind this year but we hope it didn’t dampen things.

Many of you know this /may/ be the last time this race is on in it’s current guise due to a couple of organisational challenges. Nothing is final though so we’ll let you know in due course.

Its pretty likely the Askern 10mile will go ahead too so we’ll starting making preparations for that ASAP.

Regards, ADRC.

2017 Norton 9 Results

All, quick post  (as not near laptop) but here are the results from today’s race: http://www.ukresults.net/2017/norton9.html

As always, hope the runners enjoyed it and thanks to all the marshals and ADRC members who put the hours in behind the scenes to ensure the continuing success of this race.

Obviously the car park issues were less than ideal as the weather over the last couple of days had beat us but we got everyone out in the end.

Will post fuller over the next couple of days.


2016 Askern 10mile results

They’ve actually been up a couple of hours and available here: http://www.ukresults.net/2016/askern10.html

Thanks to John Schofield and family for providing chip timing. This was our first foray into this and some lessons to be learnt but this was why we trialled it in our longest and least busy race.

Apologies re the missing clubs on some of the online entries. Hopefully we were able to make the corrections taken at chip pick up. Ultimately it only affects the team prize but obviously there’s an expectation that participants details are correct.

And finally thanks to all the marshals who give their time unconditionally to allow this long standing race to continue without whom it simply wouldn’t exist.

2015 Askern 10mile Results

Another strong field on a decent day for running (if a little muggy) saw Carl Ryde lead from the front to the end. 462 finishers in total, a 40% increase on last year. Simon Wright in 3rd made sure the local talent was represented… Helen Cross from Pocklington led the ladies field.

Results: 2015 Askern 10 Mile Results (Preliminary)

As always, thanks to the marshals, St Johns, race adjudicators and Askern administrators who all volunteer their time to put this race on. There’s not many races you can enter for under a pound a mile!

Next race, Norton 9, which is provisionally set at Sunday 6th March 2016. Hopefully see you there!

2015 Askern 10km Provisional Results

Update 1: There was a (pretty) glitch with the on-line published results. Its was rectified 30mins after the first results were posted. Apologies.

Update 2: A brilliant effort by Martin James of Doncaster AC, free race photos for all! Thanks Martin… Race Photos

Incredible amount of runners tonight, nearly 800 finishers with 300 entering on the night. Whilst we hugely appreciate the fabulous attendance of this race it will help you and us in the future to pre-enter – its also cheaper for you!

As a result of the high volume, unfortunately the race had to be pushed back 15 minutes which we hope wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. The peak of runners entering at 1830 was too much to guarantee being processed before 1900. As it turns out we were just about done with a minute to go but to be fair to all we had to make the call earlier…

Anyway, you’re probably only here for the results so here they are: 2015 Askern 10km Results v5

Well done to all the winners of categories and teams, but also well done to all for putting yourself on the line tonight instead of watching Corro/Emmerdale/Eastenders…

Thank you to all, marshals, organisers, hosts and runners. This was the 30th running of this event, let’s hope for 30 more…