2014 Askern 10km Results

Are available here: 2014 Askern 10km Results v2 (Updated 22/05) and soon to be available on John Schofield’s excellent site here: http://www.ukresults.net/14may.html#askern

These are preliminary results and subject to change.

A huge field with over 670 finishers meant this event is as popular as ever, hopefully you’ll be back next year.

Thanks to all the supporters and marshals who make this event possible. We like to keep our races as affordable as possible and all help is on a volunteer basis.



2014 Norton 9 Results

The results from both the main race and fun run are here: 2014 Norton 9 Mile Results

Thanks to everyone for entering and the marshals / administrators who enable this race to be run cheaply for the benefit of all.

Conditions were a little tricky but hopefully not too bad. The overall race winner entered on the day so wasn’t eligible for a prize! Always try to pre-enter to save yourself time and £2 on the day.

Hopefully see you all next year.

2013 Askern 10km Results

Are online – 2013 Askern 10km Results (updated results).

Great turnout again, 517 finishers in reasonable weather (given the weather yesterday and earlier today, we got away with it). Good times at the top end (although the winner entered on the day and wasn’t eligible for a prize) and we also had a M70 in under 42 minutes!

Pos. No. Name Time Club Category
1 396 Andy WARD 30:59 Clowne Road Runners M40
2 106 James SMITH 31:26 Leeds City M
3 306 Richard HARRIS 32:47 Rotherham Harriers M40
21 338 Andy GOODAIR 36:01 Askern DRC M40
67 252 Andy FORSYTH 38:59 Askern DRC M50
92 251 Joe RESTELL 39:59 Askern DRC M
112 247 Stan WILLIAMS 40:51 Askern DRC M55
233 250 Brian WATTS 45:58 Askern DRC M65
240 103 Mark HINCHCLIFFE 46:08 Askern DRC M40
286 297 Philip COOPER 47:51 Askern DRC M60
362 694 Sarah SKELTON 51:17 Askern DRC F40

It was busy on the night too with a 191 entries. We’d always encourage people to pre-enter (although appreciate its not always certain) as its both cheaper and less stressful for you (and us!).

Hope everyone enjoyed the event and a reminder the Askern 10mile is only 12 weeks away…

Retford Half Marathon Results

Some impressive performances (PBs all round I think??? Correct me if I’m wrong) from ADRC runners this weekend in the Retford Half – think the weather caught some of them out (Steve B!) so given the Arctic conditions even more impressive…

  • Steve Barber – 1:28:41
  • Joe Restell – 1:29:48
  • Stan Willians – 1:29:48
  • Duncan Marlow – 1:35:56
  • Amber Torrington – 1:41:30
  • Christine Peacock – 1:59:12
  • Jen Barber – 2:12:04

Provisional Results, copied from http://www.retfordac.co.uk/c.do?category=29

Norton 9 Results

Another successful running of the Norton 9 saw over 500 runners complete the course in ideal conditions. Congratulations to Pumlani Bengani of Salford Harriers who was the overall winner in a time of 48:50 and Julie Briscoe of Wakefield Harriers in a time of 52:24 and 11th overall.

Results for the full race are here: 2013 Norton 9 Mile Results

Results for the fun run are here: 2013 Norton Fun Run Preliminary Results

The highest placed Askern runner was 17th, Paul Collingwood in a time of 52:29 –  races like this can only be put on by the voluntary help of club runners so many Askern runners aren’t able to compete on the day. Occasionally we let other runners win…

Many thanks to all entrants and hope to see you next year.


Edwinstowe 10k Results

For those of you that were able to run (so not me then) the results are up: http://2pointb.co.uk/Running/TrailRaces/edwinstowe/Results2012.pdf

Hopefully you enjoyed the race and meal.

Couple of thoughts for next year – we’re not fixed on Edwinstowe (although its good in many ways) and if we’re slightly flexible on being late November rather than early December we’ll have more options. Here’s a couple:

As always, ideas welcome, don’t just rely on the usual few to think of everything…


Bawtry Forest Trail (Results) 7 Mile

Update: results are now on John Schofields

ADRC provided four entrants to this trail race. Paul ‘Tumnus’ Collingwood, Daniel ‘Danjermouse’ O’Grady, Paul ‘The Beef’ Smith and Steve ‘Burgers’ Leyland, ‘Benidorm’ Baz provided the much needed moral support.

It was a challenging course due to the temperature and soggy underfoot conditions. ‘Burgers’ providing an alternative to the Disney on Ice franchise, a couple of Bambi moments misjudging his footing in a couple of puddles. The course can be loosely likened to a figure 8 shape through the lovely woodland setting, many warning given before and after the race that it was ‘private land’ but nobody would be shot at today, reassuring, although may improve some times.

Collo went off from the start and from 2.5 started to work his way through the field (and trees) culminating in him having clear ground by the time he emerged back onto the track/road on his way to the finish.