Burghwallis Relays – 3rd June

Subject says it all really… Think meet time is 1830  (please don’t leave it any later) so we can all be labelled ABC for the draw. Start sandbagging now.

No regular club on Ryecroft this night.

Don’t forget drinks and raffle after – donations to the raffle welcome…

Fez’s 60th Bash – you’re all invited!

Subject says it all.

Fez is 60 soon (some may say he looks well off it) and to celebrate/commiserate he’s having a ‘do’ at Askern Miners Welfare on 11th January. If you’re an ADRC member you’re invited and will be belittled if you can’t make it. (That’ll be me then… Gutted).

Flyer here: Fez is 60!

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‘Toe update and Bertie appeal for info….

I am on my last legs….I feel like father of the bride, before wedding.

I just need Bertie Boys food order for Sunday…..ASAP, he is the only person I don’t have down (for food)

does anyone have any contact details for him that they can email to me ?

Forrest Lodge have asked for £10 per person deposit so I will be paying £490 from my own pocket tonight and doing bank transfer.  I won’t be there for meal Sunday as I have to work, can I ask you all pay ensure you pay deposit money to Club and remaining balance to Forrest Lodge? Please.

I will be moving into a box tomorrow, this trip has broke me, emotionally and financially.

The bus is at capacity with enough room for everyone wanting a lift, that was close!

pick up points are:

0800 Norton

Askern Market Place


Mill Lane

Skellow Grange

Carcroft Library (remember that?)

Adwick/church Street

Jossey Lane

0835 ish Ringways then onto A1

Taxi for 6/8/12/18/26

Micks kindly laying on his coach this next Friday night to allow athletes/non-athletes to get suitably sozzled for the last Christmas do of last year. Try and catch him at the club for arrangements…

Edwinstowe 10k Results

For those of you that were able to run (so not me then) the results are up: http://2pointb.co.uk/Running/TrailRaces/edwinstowe/Results2012.pdf

Hopefully you enjoyed the race and meal.

Couple of thoughts for next year – we’re not fixed on Edwinstowe (although its good in many ways) and if we’re slightly flexible on being late November rather than early December we’ll have more options. Here’s a couple:

As always, ideas welcome, don’t just rely on the usual few to think of everything…


Pre Xmas Xmas Do Booked

After the race we’re going to the Forest Lodge Hotel (the place where we drank last year), eating at 1400h. (Race is 1030h, so I’m guessing presentation will be about 1230h. Gives people time to get changed, presentation, walk across and a drink or two).

The standard 2/3 Course Christmas Party Menu is here: http://www.forestlodgehotel.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Xmas2012-brochure2.pdf 

We have the option of changing one or two items on the menu if not suitable but I hope the standard menu caters for all.

I need before/on next Friday your food order so I’ll be chasing from now until then, also I’ll be paying the £10 deposit per person personally so I’ll be chasing for that too!

Make contact or you’ll here from me…