London Marathon 2013 photo’s

Thanks to Mark The Beast Hinchcliffe see the below crop of photo’s, more available but unable to put them all on here…..

Phil ‘The Virgin’ Tordoff looks good in the supporters photo, just an unfortunate place to stand, although Fez looks to be endorsing Phil’s status.

Collo broke the record for the ‘elitest’ runner to perform Gangnam Style, he also won the award for furthest distance into a marathon to do it…….22 mile….

Stan on his 20th ? London still loving it like it’s his first………..(keeping the Virgin theme I suppose)

Andy gave us the full salute, running for St Johns (as was Nic but Mark was new and didn’t know where to look, he did catch Nic but she was pretty much past us, smiling)

Susie ‘Energizer Bunny’ Warris was just visible over the barrier…….

They all made me sick, as they all clearly enjoyed their marathon experience….smiling and waving and ‘gangnamming’…….I celebrate simply moving my legs in a running fashion……

well done all.  The results are out for next year……….who will it be……?????

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Good Luck London Runners….

Good luck to each and everyone of ADRC’s finest and most dedicated, some attempting their first, some their umpteenth, all should be proud.

Reading the various articles following the terrible events in Boston got me thinking,

Running is an individual thing, although I have never felt a bigger sense of comm’unity‘ than being a runner has given me …..

Enjoy the weekend !  The ADRC support will be out in force.


1st Road League Update, there is one

Message from Keith Binney.

The 1st Road League is this Wednesday after all but at the 3 Merry Lads at Lodge Moor as in South Yorkshire website. There is a lot of Snow but it is melting fast. The course is OK. Parking
is at a public park just before the pub and after the Sportsman Pub. Once that is full use the roadside before the Sportsman but NOT in the Bus Turn around about 400m before. 

See you all there.

2013 Road League Update – Oxspring

Message from Keith Binney:

Hi all,
Just to let you know the Oxspring course is snow bound and looks to be like that for a long time.

The top of the course is blocked so we can’t use it. I am looking at an alternative venue and will confirm this as soon as possible. Please pass on to all members. I will put details on SY website as soon as I sort it. Please watch website for info and tell runners also.

Should I not get a new venue we will just have 3 races as it is not possible to find a new date.





The bane of a few of our runners (Dan, Kev) there are some serious potholes on our rural country roads. There is a website where they can be reported which the faint hope they’ll be rectified – Doncaster is 203 of 214 authorities (almost bottom 10) whereas North Yorkshire is moderately better at position 136.

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