‘Toe update and Bertie appeal for info….

I am on my last legs….I feel like father of the bride, before wedding.

I just need Bertie Boys food order for Sunday…..ASAP, he is the only person I don’t have down (for food)

does anyone have any contact details for him that they can email to me ?

Forrest Lodge have asked for £10 per person deposit so I will be paying £490 from my own pocket tonight and doing bank transfer.  I won’t be there for meal Sunday as I have to work, can I ask you all pay ensure you pay deposit money to Club and remaining balance to Forrest Lodge? Please.

I will be moving into a box tomorrow, this trip has broke me, emotionally and financially.

The bus is at capacity with enough room for everyone wanting a lift, that was close!

pick up points are:

0800 Norton

Askern Market Place


Mill Lane

Skellow Grange

Carcroft Library (remember that?)

Adwick/church Street

Jossey Lane

0835 ish Ringways then onto A1

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