2015 Askern 10km Provisional Results

Update 1: There was a (pretty) glitch with the on-line published results. Its was rectified 30mins after the first results were posted. Apologies.

Update 2: A brilliant effort by Martin James of Doncaster AC, free race photos for all! Thanks Martin… Race Photos

Incredible amount of runners tonight, nearly 800 finishers with 300 entering on the night. Whilst we hugely appreciate the fabulous attendance of this race it will help you and us in the future to pre-enter – its also cheaper for you!

As a result of the high volume, unfortunately the race had to be pushed back 15 minutes which we hope wasn’t too much of an inconvenience. The peak of runners entering at 1830 was too much to guarantee being processed before 1900. As it turns out we were just about done with a minute to go but to be fair to all we had to make the call earlier…

Anyway, you’re probably only here for the results so here they are: 2015 Askern 10km Results v5

Well done to all the winners of categories and teams, but also well done to all for putting yourself on the line tonight instead of watching Corro/Emmerdale/Eastenders…

Thank you to all, marshals, organisers, hosts and runners. This was the 30th running of this event, let’s hope for 30 more…


17 thoughts on “2015 Askern 10km Provisional Results

  1. Loved this race, my first time at Askern. The marshalls and organisers were fantastic and well chuffed with the t-shirt as well. Great stuff.

  2. I enjoyed the race very much, and the delayed start was no problem. However, I am not sure if it is cheaper to pre-enter online. It cost me £10.55 despite being UKA affiliated.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into the on-line costs (as its using two external services) – we do encourage people to pre-enter for everybody’s benefit but perhaps if there’s not a cost reason that could contribute to the on-the-day demand.

  3. Agree with the above. Excellent event, one of the very best around.

    Correct decision to delay the start,given the queue for ‘late entries’ you had no other option.

  4. Firstly just want to say how good the race was and how much I enjoyed it. Thanks Askern. Great supportive marshals. However, as one of the slower runners, I missed out on the T shirt as you had run out. Someone was taking our numbers at the end. Am I right in thinking we will get a T shirt? Will this be posted? I’m especially keen to get one seeing as everyone is saying how good they were. I did prebook this race weeks ago so was a bit disappointed that there were no T’s left on the night, when those who had entered on the night and were faster finishers had no problems. Apart from this, a great race, thanks.

    • In answer to your questions yes and yes. We noted down the last runner who had and therefore know everyone who finished after. We apologise but couldn’t/didn’t anticipate the record field we had, especially on the night having 300 entries (when I first started doing this a few years ago 100 on the night was very busy). We’re glad the t-shirts were likes as we upgraded them (and the cost to us) this year. Hope to see you at the 10mile in August…

      • Cheers for that and also for the phone call, much appreciated. I will definitely be at the 10 mile in August if at home.

  5. Great race as always and fantastic organisation, your marshals are great. Really love the race, well worth the drive over and hope to be back for the 10 mile Right decision to delay the start, 15 minutes didn’t make a lot of difference, everyone understood the pressure of the late entrants and have to agree with T shirt comments – great T! You are also right to ban headphones but this is leading to runners playing music out loud!! How annoying – I was between 2 such runners so got 2 music streams as we were running through the woods, why do they need music on such on lovely run and how selfish to impose it on everyone else. Maybe next year you should ban all music.
    Still a great race though!

    • Thanks for the feedback! On the headphones topic, its actually a UKA requirement they are banned and its all about safety. I’ve personally witnessed somebody training cutting right across a car travelling at speed and to this day they are completely unaware they nearly got skittled. It concerns me that they are actually designing and marketing headphones for runners and apps like Spotify are also targeting runners. Fine for the treadmill, not for the roads…

      Hope to see you in August.

  6. Great race really enjoyed the experience and will hopefully take part in another one. Very well organised! Do you have any ideas about when we are likely to get the t-shirts as a pre-book entrant but a slower run I was one of those not to get one! Hope they arrive soon seeing as all the comments about them are good! well done

  7. Hi. Great run at askern 10k a couple of weeks ago. Any idea when the extra tshirts will be posted out? I gave my number to a lady after the race as you only had large sizes and men’s left. Thanks.

  8. Well, my T shirt from the Askern 10k arrived this morning. You may remember from a previous post that as a slow runner I, along with many others, missed out on the snazzy blue ones, despite having pre- booked this race weeks before. Imagine my disappointment on opening the package this morning to find a plain red T shirt, not of very good quality and miles too big.
    I have run this race many times before as well as the 10mile and Norton 9 and have always enjoyed them. I hope that next year, you might have contingency plans to avoid this situation arising again. Ah well, guess I could try and run a bit faster.

  9. Hi.

    Just wanted to say thanks for sending me a t-shirt through the post which I have just received today, due to there not being any left on the night!! Lovely atmosphere and I Thoroughly enjoyed the race! Thanks

    Barnsley Harriers

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