2015 Askern 10mile Results

Another strong field on a decent day for running (if a little muggy) saw Carl Ryde lead from the front to the end. 462 finishers in total, a 40% increase on last year. Simon Wright in 3rd made sure the local talent was represented… Helen Cross from Pocklington led the ladies field.

Results: 2015 Askern 10 Mile Results (Preliminary)

As always, thanks to the marshals, St Johns, race adjudicators and Askern administrators who all volunteer their time to put this race on. There’s not many races you can enter for under a pound a mile!

Next race, Norton 9, which is provisionally set at Sunday 6th March 2016. Hopefully see you there!

9 thoughts on “2015 Askern 10mile Results

  1. Thank you so much for such a well organised race. The marshals were brilliant. The lady with the hose at the last water stop was amazing. It was a little too hot (!).

  2. 3 complaints, Marshall just before the 5 mile post said the worse was over, I beg to differ lol, next one could the one I shouted please make sure the farmer add more trees along the bank to give us more shade 🙂 and the last do you have a link for any photos, so I can share with others in Norfolk, too published your race 🙂 on the positive side I will be back to complain lol

  3. All involved in the organisation of yesterday…thank you. Quite a while since I’ve done this one. Memory not so good so forgot how tough it is in parts. Excellent race though. So again, thanks, I’ll be back next year…and at Norton.

  4. Thank you for putting on this event, marshals were excellent, even though I was close to the back of the field and they had been stood around in the sun sometime they were still lively and encouraging. People at all water stations were fantastic particularly the lady with the hosepipe . This was my first 10miler and will be eagerly returning next year to try and improve my time.

  5. Another brilliant Askern DRC event as always -Been running the 10 miles race since 1983 and this was my personal worst time in it !!! —But Still living the Dream !!

    -Many thanks to all involved

  6. Really enjoyed this race….Friendly marshalls, good course, excellent support along the route (especially the lady with the hosepipe). Thank you to all involved, this was our first visit to Askern and we are now looking forward to returning next year 🙂

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