2016 Norton 9 Preliminary Results

First draft of results are here: 2016 Norton 9 Mile Results

Update: 2016 Norton 9 Mile Results (v4)

There were quite a few occurrences with runners going through the funnel more than once and other runners not showing their numbers so its likely some amendments will be made.

Thanks to all who ran and to the marshals and race officials, with whom none of this would happen.

42 thoughts on “2016 Norton 9 Preliminary Results

    • Please can you update the results!
      You have missed off at least one runner who finished shortly after the last person you have listed on the results!

      • Don’t worry about, part of next update – results were published to get something up knowing we’ll be making amends. I’ll give it another 30mins and then republish.

  1. Hi, thanks for a great organised race again and the sun came out as well just like you said.
    I finished 16th overall and 2nd V40 and 5th veteran. Do I qualify for a prize or not? Just wondered as had to shoot off early.

    Kind regards and see you next year!
    Mr K Erskine

    • Thanks, there was a duplicate number of 175 around that time so explains it perfectly. Changed and will be up shortly.

  2. First time for me today.I only see two names from Askern DRC on the finishers list.Where were they all for there local race ????

    • We were marshaling! Otherwise the race can’t happen… Would love to have more represented but our priority is covering all points. There’s lots of jobs to do, some behind the scenes that most don’t see.

      • Yeah to be fair I didn’t give that a thought.Special thanks to everyone who made it possible.I really enjoyed it.Can’t wait to take part in more races.

  3. I was 277nd no 221 Mark Leadbeater, for some reason recorded as N/A run for Sweatshop Castleford and did the run with Jonathon Reeves who finished 278
    Can this be added or changed

    • Thanks, that resolved that blank. Some of the numbers weren’t visible so perhaps that was the case here. Your club will still appear U/A as Sweatshop isn’t an affiliated club to the UKA, but at least you are in the results.

  4. Hi I am down twice in the results but my time is the 2nd one of 58mins 22 secs. My number was 205 Oliver Pike and my Club is Penistone Footpath Runners.

  5. Hi, great race today. I definitely finished, but I’m not named in the results. I was no. 4 Sarah Everett, Denby Dale Athletics Club, V40. I was definitely in front of Philip Butcher from Kingstone, so assume I’m missing person place 284. I timed myself at 75:42, so will take 75:48!!

    Thanks for your help!

  6. Thanks for the race today. Will you have an Excel version of the results so we can extract some for our club’s website?
    Many thanks!

  7. Just a quick note to say thank you once again for a really enjoyable and well organised race. Great conditions for it and a PB always helps! Thanks to all at ADRC involved in organising, marshalling etc 🙂

  8. hi , you have me on your results list as unattached, however I was running as part of Penistone Footpath Runners & AC. Thank you for a great morning of running.
    Jane Partridge
    Race no 371
    Position 429

    • Will be in next update. Not saying it was the case for this but we had a lot of entries with just UKA number and not the attached club.

      Glad you enjoyed it, 10km in May!

  9. Hi

    I was bib 75 (have tried to leave a message earlier but its not showing, which is good as I miss typed my time!! Not good at converting hours to minutes!)
    I crossed the line with someone but I noted my time as I passed and it was 1:11:31 (71:31)
    There was a lot of confusion at the end with bodies and manual times so my time is slightly over, could you kindly amend it please.
    Thanks for a great race again, only done this twice but I really really enjoy it.
    Thank You see you Next year 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot do the 10k or 10 miles this year. Rachel

  10. My calves are not happy today. Thank you for a lovely day even though i am a little bit tired after yesterday.
    Pam Kirk

  11. Really enjoyed the race – thanks to all concerned. Nice encouragement from the marshalls. Apologies to the school for the blocked loos!

  12. Sorry buy you put it as 72:31 now instead of 71:31 could you please amend. Really sorry to be a pain.

    Thank you Rachel

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