Askern 10km Entries Open

Note: We are not taking entries on the day, ONLY pre-entries for 2016. Entries will close 11th May or sooner if the 700 race limit is reached.

UPDATE 27th April: We are FULL. Sorry you have missed your place in Askern 10km 2016. Again we will not be accepting entries on the day.

We had over 300 on the night in 2015 and as as a result had to delay the race which is unsatisfactory for everyone. We hope you understand. The benefit is pre-entries are cheaper!

4 thoughts on “Askern 10km Entries Open

  1. Gutted that I can’t take part in this race.I’m new to running and I’ve only ever done the Boxing Day run 2015 and this years Norton 9.(which I entered on the morning.)However this time I thought I would get my act together and register beforehand.Only to find out at 8.00pm 26/4/16 that there are no places left.It appears I have narrowly missed out by an hour or so.I can see why you have stopped on the day entries but never ever imagined there would be a numerical cap on the event.If there are any cancellations or any more places made available please please could you let me know cheers.

  2. Cassandra Tarry has passed her number on to me (877) As she can’t make it due to work commitments.Hope everyone is ok with that ?

  3. Hi there. Just wondering when we are due to receive our numbers. Me and my friend are yet to receive ours. Thanks.

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