2016 Askern 10km Results

Provisional results here: 2016 Askern 10km Results v3

Thanks to all runners and marshals who endured the downpour.


There were a few items of clothing left over on the night if anybody left anything behind.

Could also do with tracking down a runner, Kim Brown. He was an on-the-night transfer but didn’t leave contact details. There’s a prize with his name on.

59 thoughts on “2016 Askern 10km Results

  1. Hi. I seem to be missing from the results. My time as per my watch was 38:44. My number was 70 or 89. Chris Guy

    • There was a duplicate number at that time so I assume that to be you. I’ve updated the results and it’ll be part of next upload. Apologies.

  2. Hi
    I was runner number 67 in the race this evening.

    I am positioned 51 on the provisional results that are on the website, however there is no time against my name.

    As I crossed the line I clearly heard the timer state that my time was 38min07. My own personal stopwatch had me as 38min06.

    Would you ensure that this is reflected in the results.

    Llyr ApGeraint-Roberts

  3. Hello ,I ran tonight finished in place 571. my number was 612 .
    It says on results Ray O and U/A
    I RUN FOR KIMBERWORTH STRIDER name Ray Hibberd. is there any chance this can be altered please .
    well done on a very well organised event ..
    Ray Hibberd.

  4. Wow very impressed with the speedy provisional results…if only I could have ran 2seconds quicker!

    Thankyou to all the marshalls and volunteers for standing out in the rain so we could run tonight, another great event

    • We are already lined up to trial for our 10 miler, our lowest entrant race to test on. We’ll be running both system. Should it be successful we will then carry through to the Norton 9 and then the 10km.

      • It’ll make it better the ladies at the end were struggling with damp paper and wet pen, I felt sorry for them and can see why errors occur.

  5. Hi. I ran tonight but don’t appear in the results. Race number 338 (Charlie Field, Steel City Striders). My Garmin time was 43:10. Please can you check and add me? I did hear my number being read out after the finish line.
    Many thanks

  6. Hello, I’ve not been included in the results – my number was 53, I ran in about 53′ 40″, for Horsforth Harriers.
    Great support all the way round!
    Philip Ramsden

  7. Another well organised run Askern. You do it so well. I too wish I was 2 seconds faster and had got under 43 instead of just over. Thank you so much to all marshals for enduring the rain.

  8. Hi. Thanks for last nights race. You have me down ad U/A bug I’m registered with Ackworth Road Runners. Stephen Berry, race number 178, position 595. Thanks.

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for organising the race, fun despite the conditions!

    I’m down as U/A but was running for Sheffield Running Club



  10. Thanks for a great race again. I finished in Pos 564 but my time is saying #REF!-what’s this all about then?

  11. First time at your 10k event last night. Wanted to say how well organised it was and how good your Marshalls were. Great course and will certainly do it again next year

  12. Thanks for what was my first ever 10k race. Very well organised.

    Hope to be back next year to improve on my time in hopefully less British weather!

    • Apologies you’re not in the results (yet). Could you tell me your finishing time so I can look into? I have a candidate duplicate number (110) which is at around 43mins or 82mins. Would either be you? (I had a quick look at Power of 10 to see but you’re not on there).

  13. on behalf of all Selby striders. thank you to all involved in putting on this event especially the marshals who stood out in pretty wet conditions

    really enjoyed the night thank you

  14. First time I have run this course, very well organised, lovely route and fantastic marshals. If only you could arrange the weather better for next year……………

    • The weather, in my opinion, was perfect for racing. Light breeze with rain equals heaven in my book!!

  15. Hi there. I seem to be missing from the results – my watch had me as 53:53. Not sure what my running number was – think it was 87 something – possibly 873?

    • Got you, there was a duplicate at 53:58 so that’ll be you. Changed and part of next upload. Apologies and thanks.

  16. Thanks to everyone at Askern drc for organising such a great race and cheering us all on despite having to stand about in the pouring rain.

  17. Hi – I am down as John 0 should be John Maples
    258 659 john 0 47:15 Steel City Striders M50
    Thanks for organising – will be back in August for the 10 mile – hope weather is the same as it was on Wednesday.

  18. Hi My time is given as 62:63 I am assuming that it should be 62:36 as this would make the most sense. My number was 898.
    Great race as always – despite the rain. Thanks to all the marshals who must have been very wet, at least the runners were moving!

      • My result still hasn’t been confirmed – the UKA site has it as waiting for for confirmation and I didn’t stop my watch straight away so know it was around 62/63 but it would be god to know exactly what it was. Thanks

  19. Hi my name is Kim Brown, I’ve just read the exciting news about my prize! I entered the race online a few weeks before the event, so I’m not sure why I was given the number I was given! Anyway, I assume you now have my email address, so I look forward to your reply. Many thanks, Kim Brown.

  20. Hi, approx how ling will it be before these results are finally confirmed and will go on to run britian and power of 10.

    • I don’t know specifically how they get onto Power of 10; I’ve never submitted the results there but somehow they end up on. I’ve sent to Athletics Weekly and UKResults.net as per usual.

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