2018 Norton 9 – Rescheduled

We’ve selected a date for the rescheduled Norton 9, Sunday 1st July. Our primary criteria was not to tread on other local(ish) races toes – we know its important for clubs to maintain healthy races and equally runners have their regular races.

In the next few days, we’ll open the entries for the Askern 10km (Wednesday 16th May) and once that’s mostly in hand we’ll start the Norton 9 process. We will try to email everybody who entered for the March race so they get good notice.

ADRC Committee.

2 thoughts on “2018 Norton 9 – Rescheduled

  1. As the Norton 9 has been re-scheduled to the 1st July are any places still available and will entries re-open?
    Could make the original date so please to see it come back into the Calendar


    • Yes, there’ll be 600 places! We’ll open entries when the 10km is a little more full, don’t want to confuse people by having two races open for a while.

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