ADRC Christmas Trip – Edwin’s Toe Sunday 1st December **Important Part II**

If you’re running you need to let me know:

  • your Date of Birth (no, you’re not getting a present if its imminent…)
  • T-shirt size (be honest if you hope to wear it)
  • your gender (only if its ambiguous or changed recently)

Either comment here (it won’t appear but I’ll get it) or Facebook me – I’m giving a two week deadline so by the 15th November please.


FLM 2014

Well, we have /generously/ been given a whole club place, just imagine, a whole, single place between 50 odd members….

Entry is required by 17th January so get your rejection slips handy for the probable club draw around Christmas. Will post further details when available.


Middelkerke, Belgium Results 5km, 8km, 10mile…..

Another quality jaunt onto the continent thanks to Mr Dave Collingwood who arranged things with the third Collinson brother ‘Belgian Dave’.  Excellent quiz services provided by Mr Mick Collingwood.  We had representatives in all races, the weather was hot, hot, hot, the ‘special beer’ was cold, cold, cold…….results below.

sirene_result_general8K_151 2013 sirene_result_general10miles_152

2013sirene_result_general10miles_152 2013

uitslag_sirene_5K_150 2013

I will keep checking for fun run results and update…

Thank you…

(message from ex-Caption Collo):

Hi All,


I have today forwarded a cheque to The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity for £966.20.

Many Thanks to everyone who sponsored me and who contributed to the overall amount.


For those that are remotely interested, my finishing time of 2h 50m was my 2nd quickest time in what was my 9th London Marathon. The race went very well and the time was a big surprise to me. Even had time for a little Gangnam at mile 22.


Thankfully I managed to miss the closing date for next years entry Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so look forward to sponsoring rather than being sponsored.


Thankyou all again

Sheffield Half Marathon 12th May 2013

Some went north to Leeds others went south to Sheffield, for what I understand will be the last half to finish in the Don Valley Stadium (Olympic Legacy, pah).

I hear it’s a grind…Steve Pearson on his way back from injury, Mark Hinchcliffe did a Duathlon the day before and Kathie tipped out and did 18 at start of week and got blisters to challenge my nipple rub……Runners are mental…..

The winner clocked 1:06:51

Steve Pearson 1:42:43

Mark Hinchcliffe 1:45:06

Kathie Wordsworth 1:58:53

Leeds Half Marathon 12th May 2013

I have to say it was a tougher course than I was expecting although probably levels itself in second half, up first half and down (ish)/flat second half.  Bit of a grind up Meanwood Road/Stonegate Road and it took it out of me…….I’m hoping Joe will agree…Collo, Goodair and Winter ran in the corporate relay approx 2 mile each (team of 6) and came third.  It seems they had a ‘ham and egg’ leg somewhere who lost some ground……..but it wasn’t any of them……and for once I couldn’t be blamed!

The winner clocked 1:13:08

Joe Restell 1:32:52

Steve Leyland 1:55:20