Yorkshire Cross Country Championship 5th Jan 2013

jonny and the faulties

Injury and availability stopped us entering a complete team in both¬†male and¬†female categories, although we over compensated in the ‘faulty’ category… Leyland headed for Flamingo Land, Collo shopped for ‘jams and preserves’…

A challenging, but strangely enjoyable course, with an Olympian present, Jonny Brownlee……

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Bawtry Forest Trail (Results) 7 Mile

Update: results are now on John Schofields

ADRC provided four entrants to this trail race. Paul ‘Tumnus’ Collingwood, Daniel ‘Danjermouse’ O’Grady, Paul ‘The Beef’ Smith and Steve ‘Burgers’ Leyland, ‘Benidorm’ Baz provided the much needed moral support.

It was a challenging course due to the temperature and soggy underfoot conditions. ‘Burgers’ providing an alternative to the Disney on Ice franchise, a couple of Bambi moments misjudging his footing in a couple of puddles. The course can be loosely likened to a figure 8 shape through the lovely woodland setting, many warning given before and after the race that it was ‘private land’ but nobody would be shot at today, reassuring, although may improve some times.

Collo went off from the start and from 2.5 started to work his way through the field (and trees) culminating in him having clear ground by the time he emerged back onto the track/road on his way to the finish.