VLM London 2013

Quick note, arrangements for this need to be made shortly.

So if you could contact Aunt Sally re trains and Uncle Fez re his London house. I’ll not stick phone numbers on here, I’m sure you can all be creative and get in touch with them if you need.


East Hull 20 17th March 2013

I think I left my marathon in this race last year…..ha ha, but as Edinburgh is end of May I’ll have another go….and for those who know what they’re doing it’s still great for London.

the link to the application form on the below page is not very reliable so I entered through John Schofield online.


if enough enter we could travel together so make it known you’re doing it……..carbon footprint people, have a conscience!!

Visiting Dave Bullock

Update: Dave is still in hospital receiving treatment but is open to visitors after the New Year. If this could still be coordinated through Dave Collingwood (701486) so we don’t overrun the place…

As most of you may be aware Dave Bullock is currently seriously ill and receiving treatment in hospital. His support and visitors has been overwhelming receiving 6-8 visitors per session, which whilst reflects his popularity and how much he means to people, is putting a little strain on him and the department he is in. He and his family are very grateful for the level of support though.

His family have asked if we can co-ordinate through Dave Collingwood (701486) visiting so it can be managed accordingly. Additionally, Dave is particularly vulnerable to infections right now so please be considerate and if you have even the slightest sniffle/cough or suspect an infection, wait until you’re all clear before considering visiting.

All of us at ADRC wish Dave a speedy recovery and hope to see him out and about very soon.


Christmas Hello

This came into the inbox:

Just a quick hello to everyone & merry christmas.
Wish I was running but, as I think it’s common knowledge, injury has prevented that pretty much since april.
Best wishes to everybody & fngers crossed I might see you all early next year.
Kev Garbutt.


Happy Xmas Kev, hope to be chasing you in training soon.