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Drop a mail to or call 01302 700748 (Phil Tordoff, Club Secretary) .

We also have a (invite only) Facebook for more informal discussions: Facebook

However, if you’re wishing to join the club why not come down for a night or two – we meet at 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday at:

Norton Parish Council Pavilon, Ryecroft Road, Norton. DN6 9AT


25 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Norton 9, 2013
    Phil, I posted the following entry forms for the Norton 9 2013 before Xmas

    Richard Eshelby
    Helen Eshelby
    Luisa Zeolla Hughes

    Please could you let me know if you’ve started to send numbers out when you receive the entry forms or are you waiting nearer to race day. Ive had a few things lost in the post recently so didn’t want to miss out.

    Thanks, Richard

    • hello, sorry for delay, I have emailed phil, I’m sure the numbers will be sent out closer to the race, thanks


  2. I am interested in running the Askern 10k on 15 May, I run for pleasure/fitness so am not sure if the ‘race’ will be too fast for me. I am running 5 miles in 55 mins at present but am sure I can improve on that in the next couple of weeks. Is the race route available to view on line or will I receive a copy of the route when I register?



    • Liz, there isn’t a course map online but if you know Sutton and Burghwallis it mainly runs around there.

      With regards to your time, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Have a look at previous years results ( and you’ll see there are plenty of people over an hour. You’d be surprised at the spread of abilities and I would say most people run for pleasure/fitness even if they’re a member of a club.

      If you’re local to Norton are (or DN6), why don’t you come down for a club night or two and see how you get on? You may find running with people motivating…

      Regards, Phil.

  3. Hello.
    I,ve entered the 10k and got my number for the 15th May run. Is there anything I need to do when I arrive (register etc), or simply turn up and run.

    Many thanks

    • hello, if you have your number you simply need to turn up and run, wear your number on front of you vest/t shirt, race starts at 1900, arrive early to park and most importantly, enjoy it ! thanks steve

  4. Hi there.
    Are there any places left for Wednesday’s Askern 10k race at all? Can I enter it on the night?
    Thank you.
    (Lytham St Annes Road Runners)

    • Yes there’ll definitely be places on Wednesday night. Our race limit is 1000 and typically we get around 600. Leave plenty of time to pre-enter, it can get busy on the night. The ‘rush’ is from about 1815 to 1830.

  5. Hi,
    I have been running since last year and have completed a few competative runs in this time, however I feel that my fitness levels have gone right down as i am very sporadic with my training and lose all motivation if I try to train on my own. Was hoping to join a club, but I see you guys running past my house every week and you seem very fast (over heard a conversation about 7min miles) making me sweat just thinking about a time like that!! Wondered if I came to the meeting tonight would I just make an idiot of myself??


    • Sam apologies for the late reply. Why don’t you try out joining us on a club night, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 1900h at Norton Common Rooms on Ryecroft Road. I assure you they’ll be an appropriate group to run in… Just let someone know its your first night.

      Hope to see you, Regards, Phil.

  6. Hi. I am interested in joining a running club. Just left the army a few months ago and I am looking too keep some fitness. Wondering what sort of distances and any extra info you have on your tuesday and thursday sessions?

    • Stuart, we cater for all abilities (and ambitions). Generally in winter, runs are about 50 minutes covering 6 miles, but there are groups that go longer or shorter. Sometimes there are some structure to the sessions but obviously this is optional.

      Feel free to come down for a couple of club nights and see how you get on. We meet for 1900h. Hope to see you.

  7. Hi am looking at joining a running club as have health issues, meaning I should lose weight. Would I get help to start and a group to run with so I don’t look daft?

    • Trust me, you wouldn’t look daft. We have runners of all abilities (including non-runners!). Why not come down for a couple of club nights so you can get a feel for the place. We meet Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at the Community Centre on Ryecroft Road in Norton. Just introduce yourself as a first-timer and hopefully someone will guide you to the right people…

  8. Hi, Just wondering if you still meet near Campsmount School? I started running for fitness, and my dad joined me for the same. Looking to enter the fun run with him before the Norton 9 in 2016 but thought that running with like minded people might be good for him. I currently manage around 4km in 17mins so would assume that there is a group for me and my dad. Look forward to hearing soon

    • Apologies, just seen this.

      Yes, get yourselves both down… Come for few trial runs. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1900 near the school.

      We cater for /all/ abilities but you’ll have no problems running 4min/km – we’ll stick you in the quick group!

      Hope to see you soon.

  9. Hi im 51 and dont do much exercise at all. I want to start running. Do you have a beginner club that i can start now please

    • I assure you, you won’t be alone. Come down nd introduce yourself and you’ll be paired up with someone who’ll be running around what you want. Regards, Phil.

  10. Ive been sent my number for Askern 10k but ive out it somewhere and not sure where its escaped to. If needed could i get a replacement.
    Pam Kirm

  11. Hello. When is the best run of the year happening – Burghwallis Road Relays – just fancy a steady blast up that hill.

  12. Hi,
    Just to let you know a couple of friends are running this race I am a guide for Severine Reinard, but either me or my wife have guided Severine before and are be good for the distance. Also Chris Blackabee, any issues with his guide and we can sort a replacement at short notice. I have guided Chris a dozen half marathons same number of 10k’s.

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