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We host three races a year, we like to think they’re popular and as they’ve been going nearly 30 years each they probably are.

All are rural, attended well by club runners and unattached runners and have extensive prize lists (some would say too extensive by the length of the prize  giving presentations…)

Norton 9 (mile) is the first Sunday in March. A rural undulating course that is extremely popular with people returning year after year. Starting in Norton, very quickly the race gets out into the North Yorkshire countryside winding its way through scenic villages on quiet roads. Being early March the weather is usually bright and crisp (can’t promise that) and is a great way to shrug off those winter dark nights.

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Askern 10km is the third Wednesday evening in May. A recognised fast course, again quite rural.

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Askern 10 (mile) is the second Sunday in August. Equally as scenic as the Norton 9 its quite a tough but rewarding course. Finding a reasonable length road race in summer is quite difficult and this race provides a nice (re)introduction to the body for the autumn half marathon season.

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39 thoughts on “Our Races

  1. hello, apart from our own magnificent races, you can find upcoming races on the John Schofield website, click on Race Calendar 2013……..thanks, steve

  2. Hi, Im looking for a running club in Doncaster to get me back up to a good fitness level I felt I had before I fell to back (prolapsed disc) injury in early 2012. I am in recovery from this injury with minimal pain & no pain killers & would like to build my strenght back up & return to sport (other than pilates & swimming). Before my injury i was running between 3 & 6 mile every other day & would love to gradually get back to that. Im finding it hard to get out in the dark winter months with being a lady on my own & dont feel safe, so avoid it. I hoping the running club option will reassure my safety issue. The Norton area is within easy access for me & I would like to know more details please: Price, Timings, beginners etc.
    Thank you Emma Bates

    • Hi Emma
      Askern DRC could be just the place for you, a small friendly club with all abilities. We train Tuesday and Thursday at 1900hrs meeting at the changing rooms on Ryecroft Road, Campsall, just near Campsmount school. We tend to run in groups based on ability and comfort, so there will always be someone to run with. If you would like to simply come to a few club nights and see how you get on, you can choose to join up from there. We have a time trial on the first Thursday of every month (this Thursday) where we usually gather afterwards at the pub for a drink. If you need anything further feel free to email me at steveleyland77@gmail.com

  3. I maintain http://www.northeastraces.com which is a web site listing future races near North East England. Each year I include adverts for the Norton 9, the Askern 10K and the Askern 10M. You can set preferences like “show me only 10K races that are up to 30 miles from Doncaster”. I did this and found 6 10Ks during March and April. They are:

    2013 Mar 03 Sun —- Resolution Run (Leeds) journey there: 28M

    2013 Mar 10 Sun 1030 Sheffield Varsity 10K journey there: 21M

    2013 Mar 24 Sun 1200 Rother Valley 10K journey there: 18M

    2013 Apr 14 Sun 0900 Wakefield Hospice City 10K journey there: 21M

    2013 Apr 21 Sun —- Neurocare Head Start journey there: 18M

    2013 Apr 21 Sun 1030 Sheffield Lord Mayor’s 10K journey there: 21M

    • Yes the 10km is always the third Wednesday in May so this year it falls on 15th May. Hope to see you there.

      • Great. Thanks for the info. Just planning my May races and its looking very busy. This is on the list though.

  4. Thanks for a great event big thanks to all the marshalls for their encouragement look forward to 2014 event

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  7. I was just wondering whether or not you can enter the 10k on the night and if so what time we need to arrive by and where we can register. Thanks, Ruth

    • Hi Ruth, if you arrive at 1800 to register it will give you plenty of time , race starts at 1900 behind askern welfare , if you approach on A19 you will see marshals at the car park. Thanks

  8. Hi, I am looking for some runs in August and saw your 10 mile one. I am just a little wary as you say its a little tough. I did the Spire 10 a couple of weeks ago and in the blazing heat I just ran out of energy totally at the 8 mile mark. I clambered over the finish line at an all time worst for 10 miles (for me).

    I feel the Spire 10 is particularly hard (I have ran it before without the same problem), but in honesty I simply don’t want to find myself in the same boat once again. If I know this is not as hard as the Spire then I am very tempted to make the journey.

    Many thanks

    • Hello there, sorry to hear about the spire race. I have no knowledge of that race unfortunately although will ask around as some of the runners will. The Askern 10 has a good hill in it but again everyone has differing opinions of what a good hill is……..do you live nearby ? I will make some enquiries. It may be worth comparing finish times from both races to get a feel for if it’s generally a quicker or slower course (look on john schofield). thanks, steve

  9. Thanks for this. It sounds like I should stop being a wuss and pop along and give it a go. The Spire had a hill that went on for 4 miles at the start. You then get the benefit of a long down/flat, but this year the damage was already done. Thanks for taking the time, see you in August.

  10. Hi

    tried to email you but problem on your contact link.
    On behalf of the 6 Clowne Road Runners who ran the 10 mile race yesterday, we would like to send our sincere thanks for an enjoyable and well organised event. A big thank you to the marshals who were very encouraging and helpful the staff at the water stations doing an excellent job. As a race director I know the amount of time that is needed to put on a well organised race and this is what Askern Running Club did today. You are a credit to the running fraternity thank you once again.
    Dennis, Peter, Suzi, Julie, Darren and Danny

    • brilliant, really appreciate you taking the time to post this comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the race and hope to see you soon (I know we will have some runners at your half), thanks, steve

  11. Hi there! Can you tell me when entires for your 10 mile race in August will open? I’m hoping to use it as a good half way marker in my training plan for Yorkshire Marathon (which will be my first marathon!) in October. Thank you in advance for your reply 🙂

  12. Hi, just to clarify – race entry form says on the for the 10 mile race on sunday coming say on the day entries / the online app says no more registrations – so to be absolutely clear – are there on the day entries still available ?

  13. Do you have a plan for advising whether Sunday’s race will go ahead? I am an Ackworth Road Runners member. Will you advise through local clubs? I am new to races when the weather is adverse and don’t know the protocol.

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