Good Luck London Runners….

Good luck to each and everyone of ADRC’s finest and most dedicated, some attempting their first, some¬†their umpteenth, all should be proud.

Reading the various articles following the terrible events in Boston got me thinking,

Running is an individual thing, although I have never felt a bigger sense of comm’unity‘ than being a runner has given me …..

Enjoy the weekend !  The ADRC support will be out in force.


2 thoughts on “Good Luck London Runners….

  1. YES ASKERN DRC out in force again. Supporting local runners. Thanks for the support people. Askern always there year after year. See you next year.

    • It’s a pleasure Carl and you had a brilliant run. See you next year (hopefully five seconds off your shoulder for 26 mile, but avoiding the drugs test tent if you go near it)

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