2013 Askern 10km Results

Are online – 2013 Askern 10km Results (updated results).

Great turnout again, 517 finishers in reasonable weather (given the weather yesterday and earlier today, we got away with it). Good times at the top end (although the winner entered on the day and wasn’t eligible for a prize) and we also had a M70 in under 42 minutes!

Pos. No. Name Time Club Category
1 396 Andy WARD 30:59 Clowne Road Runners M40
2 106 James SMITH 31:26 Leeds City M
3 306 Richard HARRIS 32:47 Rotherham Harriers M40
21 338 Andy GOODAIR 36:01 Askern DRC M40
67 252 Andy FORSYTH 38:59 Askern DRC M50
92 251 Joe RESTELL 39:59 Askern DRC M
112 247 Stan WILLIAMS 40:51 Askern DRC M55
233 250 Brian WATTS 45:58 Askern DRC M65
240 103 Mark HINCHCLIFFE 46:08 Askern DRC M40
286 297 Philip COOPER 47:51 Askern DRC M60
362 694 Sarah SKELTON 51:17 Askern DRC F40

It was busy on the night too with a 191 entries. We’d always encourage people to pre-enter (although appreciate its not always certain) as its both cheaper and less stressful for you (and us!).

Hope everyone enjoyed the event and a reminder the Askern 10mile is only 12 weeks away…

9 thoughts on “2013 Askern 10km Results

  1. Just to say a big thanks, as always, for an excellent race last night from your friends over at Barnsley Harriers. It was in our League series this year, and we’re always assured of a well-organised event and a friendly welcome.
    On a personal note I’m very grateful that you let me run with my dog too. He’s probably even more competitive than I am, and appreciates that he’s allowed to run 🙂
    See you next time (probably again with dog in tow, or should that be towing me?).
    Cheers, Rich Spooner

  2. Hi Askern Running Club, I have just looked at the results for the Askern 10k – another great event – and found I have been categorised as a man. I am a femal over 55 entrant and did 46.23 – sorry can’t remember my position but 200+. I hope you are able to alter the results and let me know

    Gill Taylor Rotherham Harriers and AC

  3. Great race folks, all my mates from Wolds Vets enjoyed it, most of them first timers on this course.
    Last time I ran it was 2001 and bagged 1st M50 that day, must try harder as a M60 :-).
    I hope to persuade more members next year to venture over the Lincolnshire border !

  4. Where’s my name ? Number 444 46.17 . ….Ah well , maybe next time. Thanks for another great night. ru sure you don’t lengthen that finish straight every year or is it just me

    • Ah. We had 44 appear in the results twice, this explains it… You are one of the ??? I’ll get it updated and uploaded over the weekend with any other amends. Glad you enjoyed the race.

  5. Hello, Thanks for a great race on wednesday, just noticed on the results my name is wrong

    its listed as

    125 95 Warren CLARKSON 41:26 Goole Viking Striders M

    Should be Lee Clarkson can this please be changed


  6. Just wanted to say what a fantastic race that the Askern 10k was for both myself and Scott (we were the ones with the wheelchair) – Very well organised and really enjoyed it

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