London Marathon 2013 photo’s

Thanks to Mark The Beast Hinchcliffe see the below crop of photo’s, more available but unable to put them all on here…..

Phil ‘The Virgin’ Tordoff looks good in the supporters photo, just an unfortunate place to stand, although Fez looks to be endorsing Phil’s status.

Collo broke the record for the ‘elitest’ runner to perform Gangnam Style, he also won the award for furthest distance into a marathon to do it…….22 mile….

Stan on his 20th ? London still loving it like it’s his first………..(keeping the Virgin theme I suppose)

Andy gave us the full salute, running for St Johns (as was Nic but Mark was new and didn’t know where to look, he did catch Nic but she was pretty much past us, smiling)

Susie ‘Energizer Bunny’ Warris was just visible over the barrier…….

They all made me sick, as they all clearly enjoyed their marathon experience….smiling and waving and ‘gangnamming’…….I celebrate simply moving my legs in a running fashion……

well done all.  The results are out for next year……….who will it be……?????

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