ADRC Christmas Trip – Edwin’s Toe Sunday 1st December **Important Part III**

Right everybody, it’s a month away, so time to step it up, with deposit and menu choice. Email me or leave a note on board at club (menu choice is contained in previous post, saying ‘I’ll have Turkey’ doesn’t help me guess your starter or dessert, sorry)

The following are booked on:

  • Dave Collo and Dave Bullock PAID 22/10
  • Tordoffs (3) PAID 22/10
  • Restell’s (3) PAID 15/10
  • Pearce’s (4) PAID 17/10
  • Kev and Dawn PAID 25/10


  • Fez Clan (3) (menu selection done)
  • Danj Clan (4)
  • Graham Goodwin
  • Dennis White
  • Amanda Roper
  • MC
  • Duncan & Disorderly (AKA Julie)
  • Colly (Paul)
  • Amber
  • Susie and Mark
  • Nic and Andy
  • Dean and Gemma


  • Tony Vout
  • Will Leyland



Paid Deposit  14

Full Menu Selections 3

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