2014 Norton 9 Results

The results from both the main race and fun run are here: 2014 Norton 9 Mile Results

Thanks to everyone for entering and the marshals / administrators who enable this race to be run cheaply for the benefit of all.

Conditions were a little tricky but hopefully not too bad. The overall race winner entered on the day so wasn’t eligible for a prize! Always try to pre-enter to save yourself time and £2 on the day.

Hopefully see you all next year.

11 thoughts on “2014 Norton 9 Results

  1. Hi, I ran in the race today, thoroughly enjoyed it thank you.
    I’ve checked the results and for some reason I’m down as finishing twice.
    Louise Wilkinson. Number 189. I did finish in the first recorded place, 166, then I’m down as finishing again about 5 minutes later. The second entry is a mistake.
    Thank you, Louise Wilkinson

  2. First time I’ve done this race, A Fantastic race day well organized and marshalls were brill very encouraging thanks

    • There wasn’t a photographer affiliated to the race so I can’t point you in the direction of any photos…

  3. Hi,

    I have checked the results and I do not appear in the list.
    My race number was 323 and I ran and finished with Adelle Marsden and Paul Greenwood. I am also a Kimberworth Striders runner.
    Can you please update the results?

    • Claire – apologies. There was a duplicate number at that time (423) so you being 323 makes sense… I’ve updated the results but will publish them a little later to see if any more corrections come in throughout the day.

  4. Just wanted to say a big thank to all those involved yesterday, it was my first time at a road race and it all seemed very well organised, lots of friendly road marshalls cheering everyone on, keeping people safe and helping the traffic get past us all, it was a good atmosphere and not forgetting those at the drink stations who had water at the ready and will have had to collect the litter and cups up afterwards, if it wasn’t for those people giving up there spare time there wouldn’t be an event, so it’s very much appreciated.

  5. Got to agree with other comments really enjoyed it very well organised and marshalled
    Was also my first road race so didn’t know what to expect as I normaly like mud but will be back for more

    Many thanks for a great run

  6. Great race as always. Shame you couldn’t stop the headwind on those last hills though…
    See you next year

  7. Thanks to all, just sort that wind out for next year…!

    Can you provide the team results?



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