Boxing Day Run / Handicap Update

Paul Collingwood brought home the pigs in blankets on the boxing day run, with a brilliant, festive turn out.

1st P Collinson 18:17
2nd J Wilkinson 18:52
3rd J Restell 19:02

1st Lady Karen Ball 19:56

67 runners in total.

The handicap was a significantly smaller turn out, with Dave Collo sorting the times, a thankless task, made more difficult by the ‘injured/sick/lame/excuse ridden’ members of ADRC, by we’re a dishonest bunch for one day a year.

Phil Tordoff stormed home in 1st cheered by the mightily (if not easily) impressed Bella (daughter). Phil was the only runner wanting to run a different course due to the icy conditions underfoot, seems they helped him greatly.

As someone bringing up the rear (as usual) it was nice to turn onto Campsall Balk and see the majority of runners finishing, seems the times may have been estimated fairly reasonably 😉 !
I won’t mention Tordoff, Vout, Guttridge and Torrington starting in front of me (having been miles ahead all year), or me running exactly what I thought i’d run and regualarly run at Time Trial……….or that Aydon, O’Grady, Collo, Keith Bertie and Hinchcliffe all passed me so it didn’t matter anyway………Although I blew Brian Watts out of the water (even though I started ahead of him and he’s 110yrs old or something).

Christine Peacock was first out of the hat for the coveted London Marathon club place. A sharp end to her festive cheer of eating, drinking and being merry…….well done Christine and Good Luck !

‘Christmas do’ tickets on sale!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, active, new year to you all…….


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