2018 Norton 9 – now rescheduled to 1st July, entries are open.

Update: we are accepting entries on the day up to our race limit of 600. Entries on the day will still incur a £2 surcharge (UKA rules) so its better to enter on-line up to the day before.

Rescheduled Date: Sunday 1st July @ 10am

Online entries: 2018 Norton 9 Rescheduled

We managed to find a slot in the local race calendar and have re-arranged the Norton 9 to 1st July. As we refunded everyone their race entry fee for the cancelled March running its on people to re-enter for the July running if they wish.

Everything else is pretty much the same about the race, race starts at 10am and HQ is at Norton Junior School (DN6 9DG). Unfortunately our chip-timers are already maxed out and rather than go for another provider with the complications that could bring we’ll revert for a one-off to the manual timing we always used to do. Don’t worry – it does still work!


2 thoughts on “2018 Norton 9 – now rescheduled to 1st July, entries are open.

  1. I entered myself and husband and paid admin fee to enter and was deducted when reimbursed. To enter again I will be charged again. I complain at time but heard nothing. Can I get this back???

    • The entry system is provided by a third party who run it as a business. The administration fee covers their costs which no doubt cover wages etc. As they still gave a service they will not reimburse this fee if we have to cancel the event. Our refund of the race entry was done by ourselves and so excluded the admin fee. If you enter again then a second admin fee will be charged by the entry management company as they are providing the service again. Your alternative is to enter by post, providing a cheque for the entry fee only

      Nobody else reported being deducted on reimbursement, could this have been a charge by your bank / card issuer?

      Finally, you can enter multiple runners on a single booking and only be charged a single booking fee – so this should minimise future costs.

      Regards, Phil.

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