Edwinstowe Christmas 10K Forest Trail Race (menu added)*update*

Sunday 7th December 2014 starting at 10.30am


**update** 21st Nov

Bus is now full, some have paid deposit and some have paid full balance, I am aiming to make club over next week but you can also email steveleyland77@gmail.com to confirm MENU Choice, payment info (bank transfer etc) and PICK UP points.  Assume I know nothing and email me all these things.  Thanks, Steve

The Xmas club trip is again to Edwinstowe, the club is paying the entry fee and the bus (if Mick’s is available, we are finding out). So if you’re on the trip:

  • let Phil T know your DOB and T-Shirt size (only if you’re running)
  • let Steve L know your food order (only if you’re eating), a menu is now attached.
  • 7th December Sunday lunch menu
  • let “xxx” know if you’re on the bus (if we have a bus)

We are letting you know as early as possible; check back here for more info.  Please remember selecting your meal, booking your seat and paying is the easy bit……making it happen takes a bit more work, help us help you………


Trip! – London Marathon 2014

Anyone interested in going down to the marathon this year?

If interested, please put your name on the sheet at the club. Hurry because the cheap train tickets will be released within a couple of weeks

The basic trip will be going down by train on Saturday morning, staying two nights at the Columbia hotel and returning Monday dinner time or Monday evening.

But you could always design the trip to suit yourself, just have a word with Graham Werrett (he’s the colourful one above, he’s not on the trip as Coco has taken his place…)

‘Toe update and Bertie appeal for info….

I am on my last legs….I feel like father of the bride, before wedding.

I just need Bertie Boys food order for Sunday…..ASAP, he is the only person I don’t have down (for food)

does anyone have any contact details for him that they can email to me ?

Forrest Lodge have asked for £10 per person deposit so I will be paying £490 from my own pocket tonight and doing bank transfer.  I won’t be there for meal Sunday as I have to work, can I ask you all pay ensure you pay deposit money to Club and remaining balance to Forrest Lodge? Please.

I will be moving into a box tomorrow, this trip has broke me, emotionally and financially.

The bus is at capacity with enough room for everyone wanting a lift, that was close!

pick up points are:

0800 Norton

Askern Market Place


Mill Lane

Skellow Grange

Carcroft Library (remember that?)

Adwick/church Street

Jossey Lane

0835 ish Ringways then onto A1

Edwinstowe Urgent

50 on trip (2 maybe’s Keith Bertie and Andy Forsyth).

29 have paid deposit

26 have ordered food.

20 have asked to go on bus. (others have not specified car/bus) of those on bus 8 have said where they would like picking up.

My email is steveleyland77@gmail.com my mobile is obtainable (not posting on website but you all know someone who will have it).

The order needs sending a week in advance.  I am not too bothered about deposit, if you say you are on trip I will accept that but I need food/travel arrangements ASAP.

Get in touch please.

ADRC Christmas Trip – Edwin’s Toe Sunday 1st December **Important Part II**

If you’re running you need to let me know:

  • your Date of Birth (no, you’re not getting a present if its imminent…)
  • T-shirt size (be honest if you hope to wear it)
  • your gender (only if its ambiguous or changed recently)

Either comment here (it won’t appear but I’ll get it) or Facebook me – I’m giving a two week deadline so by the 15th November please.


Middelkerke, Belgium Results 5km, 8km, 10mile…..

Another quality jaunt onto the continent thanks to Mr Dave Collingwood who arranged things with the third Collinson brother ‘Belgian Dave’.  Excellent quiz services provided by Mr Mick Collingwood.  We had representatives in all races, the weather was hot, hot, hot, the ‘special beer’ was cold, cold, cold…….results below.

sirene_result_general8K_151 2013 sirene_result_general10miles_152

2013sirene_result_general10miles_152 2013

uitslag_sirene_5K_150 2013

I will keep checking for fun run results and update…

(Provisional) Edwinstowe Bus Timings

Subject says it all, you know where you should get on, if not contact me plus more detailed list is at club:

Edwinstowe Bus Timings

  • 08:30 Central Norton (Dave Collo’s)
  • 08:30 East Norton (Christine’s)
  • 08:35 Askern Marketplace
  • 08:45 Crabtree, Skellow
  • 08:45 Mill Lane Garage
  • 08:50 Carcroft Library
  • 09:00 Don Valley / Jossey Lane

Arrive Edwinstowe approx. 09:40, collect numbers, race starts at 10:30

Presentation 12:00 ish (its always late)

Food 14:00

Return (When you like, I’m not on bus).

P. (07870346903)