Northern Cross Country Champs

Pontefract racecourse played host to the debut of one of Askern DRC’s finest moments, the erection of our flag……I’ll be honest, tears were shed, watching Duncan raise the flag, with tenderness and care, as though it was his third child, one that Julie reluctantly agreed to take in.

We will ignore that when asking the Askern athletes arriving if they saw the flag, the response of ‘no we just saw Steve’ failed to take the shine off the fact we had a flag and two chairs. This was an event !

The Senior ladies saw ‘I’m so’ Kelly Raven return after a lay off to join ‘Ber Torrington and ‘Benny’ Peacock (woolly hat). The course was heavy going and books seemed reluctant to take money on any of our athletes.

The senior men had a great turn out, Collo, Winter, Goodair, ‘Mark’s’ Joe, Pearce x 2, ‘Joe’s’ Mark, ‘Hernia’ Guttridge, Debutant ‘Clean shoes’ Rammo and Leyland, a donkey at a racetrack.

Link to results below, see you at the Nationals.


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