Anybody injured?

Probably a shorter to list those who aren’t… Seriously though, received this in the Inbox, I only know what you can read here but it seems like a positive facility to me.

I’m writing to let you know about a new NHS Sports Medicine Clinic in Birmingham. This is free for anyone, and just needs a referral from your GP. The flyer is attached and I would be grateful if you could forward this to everyone in your Athletics Club, and put the leaflet in your club house.

I appreciate Birmingham might be a long way for some people, although some athletes have come from Scotland and Cornwall!

Nevertheless, this is why I’ve started a campaign for better services for sports people in the NHS. As you know, injury can be the ruin of many an aspiring athlete, so it’s essential that we have good services to serve the needs of grassroots sport. With the memories of London 2012 still fresh in everyone’s mind, there seems to be a renewed interest in increasing sports participation in the UK, but without medical services to support British sport, many young athletes will leave Track & Field following an injury. If you believe in this please sign my petition to get parliament to discuss this:-

many thanks and wishing you the best sporting success in the years ahead,


Dr Leon Creaney

Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine


Queen Elizabeth Hospital (University Hospital Birmingham)

More here: Sports Medicine Clinic Flyer.

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